Brenda T.

I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable and very informative class. I spent 4 years as an instructor in the Navy and another 4 years of college. I feel I have seen many very good and very bad Instructors and you are among the top of the best!  I really enjoyed it. I feel like I learned a great deal.

Tom & Donna S.

   First, thank you for a fabulous Concealed Carry Class this past Friday and Saturday.  Donna and I are both grateful for your thoroughness and your passion surrounding the responsibilities and opportunities of caring a concealed weapon. Similarly we are appreciative of the time and patience you took with us surrounding our qualifying at the shooting range; thank you, thank you! We will do our best to be responsible citizens as we carry as we keep in mind the many important things you taught us.

Betty B.

Being older and never having handled a pistol, I was somewhat intimidated to attend such a class with strangers, but my fear quickly subsided. Ron Kauffman, the instructor, was extremely knowledgeable, patient, yet persistent in explaining, demonstrating, and insisting that safety and correct gun procedures were followed and practiced. Everyone in attendance was so supportive and helpful. I highly recommend the class to all.

Thank you,

Doug M.

Enjoyed and learned  a lot in your class and appreciate your zeal and knowledge.

Doreen D.

​Ron Kauffman's Concealed Carry Class is awesome on so many levels.  Engaging, detailed, highly informative and motivational.  Ron's presentation teaches you to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings which is more important than ever these days.  This man is passionate about what he teaches, which is all the more why it lends itself to being a great investment.

Charles F.

I always like giving feedback when I feel I have been well serviced, and I feel that about your CCP course. You may use my comments on your website and include my first name and last name initial. 

Recently I took Ron Kauffman’s Concealed Carry Handgun Training Course. I should say I am a retired Army officer, but even after a career in uniform, the limited training the Army provided me years ago was long gone from my memory banks. 

So while I remembered the basic gun safety rules, I had limited knowledge of handgun use and knew nothing of NC laws regarding concealed carry. Ron’s instruction gave me all of that and more. Beginning with a very frank discussion of the responsibilities one incurs as soon as one conceals a handgun, to the legalities and risks, the mechanics of handguns, safe gun handling and much more, Ron covered it all in a day and a half and concluded with defensive firing practice on a range.

This course is a must-do for anyone considering concealed carry and a really smart idea for anyone just wanting to become more comfortable and confident around handguns. And while there may be some instructors offering the course for a little less money, no one delivers more bang for the buck!